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Vicki D. Thomas

Author of Young Adult Fantasy

New Release

“Writing fantasy for young people struck me like lightning and continues to sustain a driving, unexplainable passion in me.”

I was born in Wisconsin and graduated from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, spending a year at The Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Holland, under the Junior Year Abroad Program. My dad never realized the extensive traveling I did throughout Europe to see the wonderful art and stunning counties—or did he? After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles where I started my fashion illustration business advertising the new seasons’ fashions. Seventeen years later, I stepped away from the fashion field, married my long time (and patient) sweetheart, and began fine art painting and teaching watercolor classes. Nearly two decades ago, writing fantasy for young people struck me like lightning. My passion for writing and plotting fantasies drove me to produce seven (hand-written) books, which I’m now rewriting and editing. The Long Dark Cloak is the first book in this series, with six more to follow.


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